“I bring you tales from far away lands, written in blood on these shifting sands….”

From the Desert Calim to the Forest of Mir, to the Marching Mountains and Spider Swamp, this land has it’s share of tales, wealth, magic, and secrets. But these wonders are not enititled to the weak. Nine-thousand tumultuous years have carved the territory you now step on. The bones of old forests, peoples and their entire cities have fallen and sunk into the sands to be forgotten by time. Now is your time. Tales you have only heard from storytellers or read in Libraries are now within you grasp; wealth, power, and other opportunities that were mere pipe dreams are now possible in this new place. All of this can be your’s for the taking… but at what cost? Prepare yourself, outsider…
*Disclaimer: Lore from the Forgotten Realms may be modified to make this Campaign. Please do not use this page as a canonical resource. :)

The Tales of Calimshan

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