The Tales of Calimshan

A Not So Warm Welcome

All hail the new Viziers of the north!

Received warmly by the Sultan, the Viziers were put to the task of clearing Azulai of the savage Black Raiders of the desert. Although a couple of stragglers survived the two nights of skirmishes, the Black Raiders have not returned since – a great success! Now that things have quieted down, the town may prepare for the arrival of its first true trade partner…

“Let us make rich…”

A Call from Calimshan
Our Tale Begins

“Sultan Eliek Ja-heet of Calimshan is looking for Northerners of any background to act as Viziers to him as he manages and rules the empire of his recently deceased father, Rulien Ja-heet. The young Sultan intends for the positions to pay handsomely and is even offering lodging. Men looking to apply for the position should be in the town of Azulai, East of Calimport by the 1st of Alturiak.”

People from all over have heard this message shouted in squares and seen it posted in taverns for days now. It is now the end of Marpenoth and small groups of northerners have three months to reach Azulai. Many are hopping aboard trading ships headed for Calimport…

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